Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova

Presentation of the Annual Report in Parliament


     On 3 July 2008, at the plenary sitting of the Parliament of Moldova, Mrs. Ala Popescu, President of the Court of Accounts, in accordance with art.3 (2) of the Law on Court of Accounts (CoA), presented the Report on the management of public financial resources in 2007. The Report is a synthetic analysis of the outcomes of the controls over the management of public financial resources in 2007, carried out during the second half of 2007 – first half of 2008 in accordance with the Programmes of control/audit activity for 2007-2008, approved at the meetings of the Court of Accounts. The Report also includes the results of 10 audit missions aimed at providing a reasonable assurance that the financial statements present a true, authentic and comprehensive image in all significant aspects, and the economic operations were carried out in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework. The audit missions were carried out within the implementation of the objectives set out in the Strategic Development Plan regarding profession building and development of the CoA control staff capacities to carry out audits.

The Report also includes a chapter in which the CoA informs the stakeholders (Moldovan Parliament, civil society) on its achievements in the process of institutional reform as well as on the management of its own (human, financial, material) resources.