Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova

Meeting with the Court of Accounts management


On December 10, the Court of Accounts management had a meeting with a team of experts from Romania, who visited Moldova with an official mission under the Institutional Twinning Project “Support for Public Procurements System of Moldova”.                        

Discussions were focused on the performance audit of public procurements in the context of the new Public Procurement Law no. 96-XVI of 13.04.2007, accomplished by the Court of Accounts. The Court management reported that this audit had been initiated to determine whether, when implementing the present Law, there were faced problems that limited the effectiveness of the activity of contracting authorities, economic operators and other persons, and, in case such problems were found, what actions were to be taken by the Government, namely by the Agency for Material Reserves, Public Procurements and Human Aids, in order to enhance the efficiency of procurements. In its audit report, the Court of Accounts showed that accountability, mechanisms for verification and contraposition, as well as principles of efficiency, inexpensiveness and effectiveness, are regulated well enough to be observed by the officials of public institutions.                     

The Romanian experts highly appreciated the professionalism of the Court of Accounts, outlining that the performance audit report should lead to the improvement of the Procurement Agency’s activity.