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The evaluator of a the CoA – SNAO Project at the CoA

  • 03.07.2012
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During two days, the external evaluator of the Project "Cooperation for International Development between the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoA) and the Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO), for years 2010 - 2012" has studied the Project implementation and the achievements of the CoA in implementation of the SNAO recommendations.

Arne Svensson, the President of the Swedish company "Arne & Barbo Svensson AB", was appointed by the SNAO to evaluate the efficiency of the Project implementation and to establish a future cooperation agreement.

On 28 - 29 June 2012, Mr. Svensson had meetings on with the Members of the Courts of Accounts, with the Heads of Divisions and Services, with the staff responsible for implementing the sub-projects "Financial Audit", "Quality framework", "Fraud and Corruption".

At the end of the evaluation mission, Arne Svensson had a meeting with Serafim Urechean, the President of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova. Mr. Svensson reported about the current situation of the cooperation project implementation and about the supposed areas of future cooperation. "In a short period of time, the Court of Accounts has registered very many changes and progresses. The CoA experience should be related other countries at the international meetings and conferences", declared Arne Svensson. The evaluator underlined the importance of initiating a cooperation sub-project between the Parliament and the Court of Accounts, with the participation of the Parliamentarians from Moldova and Sweden and of the CoA and SNAO representatives, regarding the relations between the Legislature and the supreme audit institution.

"Due to the CoA - SNAO cooperation, the efficiency of audit missions has been growing and the quality of the audit reports has impact on the CoA's decisions quality, which afterwards, influences also the quality of the Parliament's and of other state institutions' decisions, after examining the reports submitted by the CoA", mentioned Serafim Urechean. The president of the Court of Accounts underlined that the supreme audit institution of the Republic of Moldova is passing gradually all the stages to achieve a new level of work quality, according to the international audit standards. Serafim Urechean welcomed the evaluator's intention to initiate a sub-project on the Parliament's and the Court of Accounts' cooperation, in the future project of the CoA - SNAO collaboration.

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