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The Court of Accounts sets its activity priorities for 2022

  • 13.11.2021
  • 1383

In order to contribute more efficiently to the fulfillment of its mission, the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) plans its activity in an independent way, by elaborating an Annual Program of the audit activity. The process of elaborating the Annual Program of the audit activity is a complex one and reflects the priorities of the core activity of the CoARM.

In this context, on November 11, a working meeting was organized on the priorities of the audit activity for 2022, with the involvement of the CoARM’s managers.

The Court of Accounts as a supreme audit institution has a very broad legal mandate with regard to its audit activities, and the volume of audit activities that the institution can carry out is limited by the resources at its disposal, mentioned Andrei Munteanu, Member of the CoARM. In these conditions, it is extremely important to prioritize the audit activities to be carried out in the next period, the emphasis being on issues with impact, both on governance and on society.

Since the beginning of the planning process and until now, an impressive number has been collected - about 100 topics of audits. In these conditions the process of formulation, selection and approval of topics having an essential role in ensuring an effective activity of Court of Accounts. In this sense, the appropriate argumentation of the selected topics plays a key role.

Another aspect addressed during the meeting was the need to ensure the qualitative and timely implementation of mandatory audits according to the provisions of paragraph 3) art. 32 of the Law on the organization and functioning of the Court of Accounts, no. 260/2017. At the same time, in order to ensure the relevance of the activity carried out, the Court of Accounts, already at the planning stage of the audit activity, must pay due attention to the issues that will be included in the Annual Report, but also to the priority areas that will be addressed.

Proper assessment of these issues and the timely allocation of available resources will allow for the achievement of well-known audits, which will increase the impact of the supreme audit institution.

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