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The Court of Accounts participated in the presentation of the Alternative Report of IPRE

  • 25.11.2022
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The representatives of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) participated today, November 25, in the presentation of the Alternative Report "Eight years of implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement: Progress. Constraints. Priorities", organized by the civil society in a public online event. The event was also attended by representatives of public authorities, civil society and external partners.

The report covers the evolution of the dialogue between the EU and the Republic of Moldova and the general findings related to it and was produced by the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE), in partnership with the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. The report presents the main progress, constraints, priorities and successes in the field related to the EU – Republic of Moldova Association Agreement, on 5 titles of the Association Agreement: political dialogue and reforms; freedom, security and justice; economic and sectoral cooperation; trade and trade-related matters; and financial assistance, anti-fraud and control provisions.

The participants of the event noted that the EU-Moldova political dialogue was consolidated and advanced, especially when obtaining, on June 23, 2022, the status of a candidate country of the EU. The EU decision was based on the favorable opinion of the European Commission, after the evaluation of the Questionnaire completed in the context of the application for membership submitted by our country in March 2022, stated the authors of the report.

Also, the progress achieved in the implementation of the Association Agreement was taken into account, as well as the commitment of the authorities to achieve successes in the context of the implementation. This assessment was also confirmed by the European Parliament's Report on the implementation of the Association Agreement, adopted on May 19, 2022, the Report states.

We mention that the Court of Accounts, as the supreme audit institution, assumed the commitment related to art. 49 of the Association Agreement, to perform the external public audit in the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the international standards of the international profile organization INTOSAI. The institution's achievements and progress along this path have been noted by external partners and donors in the context of several recent evaluations, the last of which was the international peer review evaluation.

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