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The Court of Accounts has started the compliance audit in the field of natural gas

  • 11.01.2022
  • 1221

The purpose of the audit is to verify the compliance of capital expenditures and investments with natural gas undertakings to which public service obligations have been imposed, as well as with related undertakings, as defined in Law no. 108/2016 concerning natural gas.

The audit was initiated by the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) on January 10, after the promulgation of Law no. 244 from 24.12.2021.

The main entity subject to audit is JSC "Moldovagaz", and the audit area includes companies engaged in transportation, distribution of natural gas, as well as other types of activity, the founder of which is JSC "Moldovagaz".

In this context, today, January 11, at the headquarters of the audited entity, took place the opening meeting of the audit, with the participation of the audit team and the members of the CoARM, responsible for audit.

The audit is performed according to the Audit Program of the CoARM for 2022, in strict accordance with the International Standards of the profile organization INTOSAI.

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