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Progress in implementing the activities of the EU-funded consolidation project

  • 16.06.2022
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A new organizational meeting on the implementation of the EU Project "Technical Assistance for the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova for institutional development and improvement of the audit process" took place on June 15, at the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM).

The project experts, Kevin Suttie and Peeter Latti, who are on a work mission at the CoARM, presented the latest results of the implemented activities, the aspects that require special attention, as well as the next steps in implementing the project objectives.

Petru Rotaru, CoARM’s project coordinator, spoke about the current challenges in terms of mandatory financial audits, as well as the actions taken to meet the objective of consolidating the financial audit.

The participants in the meeting discussed issues related to the adjustment of the methodology in the field of financial audit, compliance audit, etc. We mention that the expert Kevin Suttie offers consultative support during the financial pilot audits, a special emphasis being placed on the reorganized ministries.

Peeter Latti, EU expert, discussed the progress related to the support provided in the drafting of the CoARM's annual report, the adjustment of the Performance Audit Manual, the Quality Guide, the Communication Strategy, etc.

Ecaterina Paknehad, Head of the Apparatus, spoke about the latest steps taken in the context of the peer review of the Court of Accounts' work by the team of evaluators led by the SIGMA initiative (EU and OECD).

Josip Juric, project manager of the EU Delegation to Moldova, welcomed the progress made by the CoARM in the context of the implementation of the consolidation project activities and confirmed the readiness of the European authorities to continue the efforts to strengthen the country's supreme audit institution.

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