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The Court of Accounts participated in the launch of the video version of the Independent Press Association publication

  • 17.05.2023
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On May 16, the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) participated in the presentation of the 4th edition: "The Black Book: journalistic investigations in video format", organized by the Independent Press Association (IPA) and the Office for Romania and the Republic of Moldova of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (Germany) in partnership with

The event was attended by the authors of the investigations, journalists and media experts, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Public Procurement Agency, the National Anticorruption Center, the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, the Parliamentary Public Control Finances Committee, and the Moldsilva Agency.

The authors of the investigations in a video format presented a summary of them and told about the impediments in the process of making journalistic materials, their impact and subsequent reactions. The executive director of IPA, Petru Macovei mentioned that it is a premiere to realize the 2022 edition in a video format, in order to have a greater impact in society.

We note that CoARM's audit reports ware the basis of several investigations and journalistic materials, carried out by the media sources.

One of the investigations, which was found in the 2022 video edition, was carried out by Ziarul de Gradă. The investigation "Agricultural construction with a pool and the two-level residential house on the edge of the forest of a former deputy" refers to the findings of the Court of Accounts, set out in the Compliance Audit Report of the administration and management of the Forestry Fund by "Moldsilva".

In the case of another investigation, carried out by the Mold-Street portal, "The pandemic has passed, but the ambiguities related to fiscal facilities for disinfectants remain", the basis were the findings of the Court of Accounts, exposed in the Compliance Audit Report of the administration of the fiscal facilities system during 2020 - 2021.

The representatives of public institutions and authorities, present at the event, emphasized the importance and significant value of journalistic investigations for the authorities engaged in the fight against corruption.

"The Black Book of the Waste of Public Money" is a collection of journalistic investigations on the topic of the use of public money and international assistance for the Republic of Moldova.

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