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Mission and Role

As an INTOSAI (since 1994) and EUROSAI (since 1994)  member, the Court of Accounts committed to comply with the criteria of convergence necessary for the European integration, that arise from the European Implementation Guidelines to INTOSAI's Auditing Standards, developed in accordance with the Lima Declaration, adopted by the IX INCOSAI, in Lima in 1977, the Prague Recommendations of EUROSAI, the Mexico Declaration on SAIs Independence adopted by the XIX INCOSAI, 2007.

Following these commitments to get in line with the best external audit standards and practice, the Court started in 2007 the process of transformation into a Supreme Audit Institution that meets the highest standards of independence, objectivity and professionalism in auditing public finances.

The first and the utmost step in this process of transformation is the development and adoption of the new Law on the Court of Accounts, which became effective on 1 January 2009. The main changes introduced in the new law can be resumed as a shift from external financial control to a new system of public external audit, representing a major change in the function of the Court of Accounts under the new public financial management pattern. 

Objectives and Principles in Court of Accounts' Activity

  • to assess the regularity, legality, conformity, economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the management of public financial resources and assets;
  • to promote the internationally recognized standards on transparency and accountability in the area of public financial management;
  • to ensure transparency by informing the accountable public authorities and the public about its strategic and annual plans, findings and recommendations;
  • to certify the public audit staff.

In its activity the Court of Accounts shall comply with the following principles:

  • legality;
  • objectivity;
  • independence;
  • transparency.