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President’s Foreword

The Court of Accounts, as a supreme public external audit institution, according to the provisions of the Law of the Court of Accounts no. 261-XVI, dated 5 December, 2008, is the only state public authority that controls the formation, management and use of public financial resources and management of public property by carrying out external audit in the public sector, confirming the compliance of the Republic of Moldova with the international standards on the best public external audit practices.

Over the recent years, in the context of European integration of the Republic of Moldova, the Court of Accounts has gone through a period of transition from financial control to external audit and its main aim is to develop the capacity for conducting external audit in line with the best professional standards and practices.

The Court of Accounts is facing a new challenge for the years 2011-2015- this is to build a stronger and more competent institution, to meet the new requirements, to perform cost-effective work by carrying out independent, credible and transparent audits of the financial resources and public property management, to promote high standards of financial management for the benefit of the citizens of Moldova, as well as to provide the Parliament with more complete information about the overall effectiveness of the implementation of the national public budget.
One of the main goals of the institution is to bring the Court of Accounts closer to Moldovan citizens; this is a part of its mission to promote transparency and accountability of the Court of Accounts, to contribute to improved financial management and to act as the independent guardian of the state financial interests.