European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institution (EUROSAI) is a regional organization of Supreme Audit Institutions of Europe in terms of control and external audit of public finances.

EUROSAI was established in 1990 as a Regional Working Group of INTOSAI, and currently has 50 members, including the European Court of Accounts.

EUROSAI Secretariat is provided by the Court of Accounts of Spain, maintaining communication with the members of EUROSAI in the period between Congresses facilitating contacts between them. The Secretariat also develops a program that contains proposals to be submitted to the governing bodies at the request of members.

The Secretariat annually publishes a journal and quarterly a newsletter and hosts the EUROSAI website.

EUROSAI official working languages are German, English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Objectives of the organization:

  • Promoting professional cooperation between its members;
  • Encouraging the exchange of information;
  • Working for the harmonization of terminology in the field of public audit;
  • Advancing the study of audit in the public sector.

 The Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova became a member in 1994.

The Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova belongs to the following EUROSAI Working Groups:

  • Group of Auditors for Cross-border cooperation Programs around the Black Sea Basin 2014-2020;
  • Working Group on Audit of Funds Allocated to Disasters and Catastrophes;
  • Working Group on Environmental Auditing;
  • Working Group on IT Audit.

In June 2014, the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova became a member of the EUROSAI Governing Board for a period of 6 years.


EUROSAI oficial web page: